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So you've heard my music, watched my streams / videos, read my blog, listened to my podcasts and bought yourself some awesome merch...

What's next?

Become an HV^Z Ambassador!

The HV^Z Ambassador program is like other affiliate programs in that affiliates are rewarded for promoting content but unlike other programs, the rewards are much, much greater.

HV^Z Ambassadors get access to many paid perks from the V^Z Project without even having to pay for a premium subscription.

so if you've had your eye on a t-shirt, album or even something like the HV^Z Lootcrate, now's your chance to get that stuff completely free.

Here's how it works...

People who share the most HV^Z content are closely watched.

{Yeah, I sounds creepy but whatever}

after I see some extraordinary fan promotion, I will either invite you to the program to start getting rewarded for your efforts or if you've been sharing my stuff for awhile, you can apply below and I will reach out to you after looking you up online and seeing how often you have supported my stuff.

Then I send you a magical link to track your engagements and voila! You're in.

The program works in a pretty cool way too...

Instead of getting rewarded by how many posts you make, share or engage with like other brands/companies, you get rewarded by the overall traffic that you bring to my content...whether that be here on my Official Website or on social media, Twitch, YouTube and anywhere else you share my stuff.

So for those interested in getting started, click here after applying below.

Become an HV^Z Ambassador

Disclaimer: Applicants to the HV^Z Ambassador Program will be chosen based on evidence of previous support through promotional content, age {18+} and other conditions including but not limited to organizational affiliation, military status, geographical location, mindset, beliefs and more.
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