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Get updates on new music, sale items, coupons + other cool stuff

and get notifications...before anyone else

Have you ever been on a website and right before you checkout, you look for any coupons that you can apply to your purchase but can't find any?

Better yet, you search online but all you find are scam sites that require you to do a survey or download some garbage game that you have to play for awhile before you get access to the coupon?

We hate that...


That's why we at HV^Z Studios decided to list all the ways you can get access to store coupons, sales, discounts, rewards and anything else you would want right here all in one place.

No need for browser extensions, sketchy downloads or other crazy things companies ask before you get access to awesome coupons...

No secrets. No Games. No Bullshit...

And the best part is...the coupons apply to all purchases made on the entire website for all HV^Z Studios Brands.

Cool right?

Here's what we offer...

1. Sign up for the mailing list to get:

  • 10% off your first purchase just for signing up

  • Exclusive monthly coupons

  • Free music, news, updates and other cool stuff straight to your inbox before anyone else

​2. Enable push notifications from the coupon popup reminder and get increasing coupons you can use immediately.



3. Download the Official Mobile App to get exclusive access to website content, rewards, community groups and much more including exclusive coupons and other rewards just for those who have the app

4. Click the link on the right where it says "PSST...LIKE FREE STUFF?" {Visible on Desktop only...sorry} ​To try out being a HV^Z Ambassador and get rewarded with free music, coupons and more just for spreading the word about me, my music, merch, videos and anything else you like about my Brands.

*NOTE: Only 120 humans {10 per month} who share the most HaXxXo VtotheZ / HV^Z Studios content will be chosen to receive a free digital copy of each upcoming album or get other cool stuff completely free.

5. Join the HV^Z Rewards club by clicking the "Rewards" bubble on the bottom left below the trippy and mildly hypnotic cat to earn points {HeXoS} for every purchase that you can use for future purchases. You'll also get bonus points for following me on social media and even free points on your birthday!

6. Like and Follow HV^Z Studios brands on social media to get exclusive coupons and other cool stuff for exclusive followers...exclusively!




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Kids Should THRIVE Official Logo

6. Subscribe to one of The Official HaXxXo VtotheZ VIP Premium subscriptions to get awesome stuff like...

  • Exclusive Coupons

  • Automatic HeXoS Refills

  • Stream Perks

  • Music Perks

  • Never-before-heard Demos

  • Unreleased Tracks

  • Stickers and Apparel

  • And much more.

{It's like a monthly box subscription where you always get new, cool stuff for subscribing each month but so much better. Go ahead and check it know you want to.}

support V^Z Music on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on Bandcamp

support V^Z Gaming on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on Twitch

Or support The Whole

V^Z Project on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on Patreon

Or support The Whole

V^Z Project on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on SubscribeStar

Or support The Whole

V^Z Project on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ's Official Website
Become a HaXxXo VtotheZ VIP Premium Subscriber

NOTE: Complete as many steps as you can to increase your chances of not only getting exclusive coupons, but also to be the first to know about all new content from all HV^Z Studios brands, new music, merch, videos, giveaways, special events and everything else that has to do with the HV^Z Universe.

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