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Code of Conduct


The following details the Code of Conduct users agree to adhere to by participating on the website as well as on third-party sites where HV^Z Studios Communities maintains a presence or properties on platforms where users may engage with other users such as the Official Website Forums, HV^Z Studios and HaXxXo VtotheZ’s Official Discord Server “The Collective”, HaXxXo VtotheZ Live Streams and any other HV^Z Communities Properties on any other platform such as in the case of “The Collective” on Facebook, Amino and any other platform it may exist on.




By participating in HV^Z Studios Communities, the user acknowledges that they will not participate in any of the following activities as they may be grounds for disciplinary action, loss of benefits/features, temporary suspension or an outright BAN from access to our services and benefits for the foreseeable future.




- Don't pretend to be someone else in name or otherwise. While usernames are generally accepted as “Internet Persona’s” impersonation refers to the blatant pretense of acting as another “Real Person” through direct impersonation of a notable figure, celebrity, brand or entity that is not their own or by attempting to evade disciplinary action by the use of alternate accounts, email addresses, usernames or the like.



If in the event that a user attempts to evade disciplinary action on a platform imposed due to their actions then the user will be permanently banned on that platform. If their actions continue off the platform and on another then the ban will continue onto that new platform.




- Begging for special privileges, giveaways, gifts or any other benefits is strictly prohibited. While not a formal infraction, continued begging as it is an annoyance will be treated as an escalating infraction if it continues after being addressed.



HV^Z Studios rewards followers and subscribers based on their merit and their support. If you want to grab our attention then the best way is to support us by sharing our posts, engaging with us on social media, purchasing things from the store, etc. Asking when we’ll be doing giveaways is OK but don't beg...and be a good sport if you don't win.


- If you're not subscribed yet and are interested in one of the subscriber perks we offer then feel free to check them all out on our SUPPORT PAGE.




- Direct requests to moderate {MOD} for Twitch, Discord, The Official Website Forum or anywhere else will be ignored and as a result, the offending user may become ineligible to ever be considered to MOD in the future.


TWITCH {and other Live Steaming Platforms}

- MODS will be chosen based on their rank for Live Streams and numerous other considerations. Use custom commands on Twitch to stay up to date with your rank {see !myrank} and once you reach the rank of "Loyalist😍", you can apply to be a MOD with the !apply command once you are deemed a useful and loyal follower. Learn more custom commands HERE.



Temporary MODS will have their HeXoS currency balance recorded, removed and then given back to them upon expiration of MOD benefits for Live Streams.



- MODS will be chosen based on numerous aspects including but not being limited to their availability, eagerness, loyalty and established presence of showing support. Be sure to show your support by sharing content, server invites and more.


You can’t be considered to MOD on Discord if you’re not even a server member by the way.



- MODS will be chosen based on their overall support in other aspects of HV^Z Studios promotions and as such will be taken into consideration once the individual proves themselves in other aspects {I.E. Proving to be a helpful and valuable MOD for Twitch may lend greater benefits such as MOD privileges on the Official Website or being featured as a writer on the website blog or fan art creator for official promotions.}. Consideration is also contingent on being a site member.


To be considered to be a MOD on other platforms, be sure to establish your presence and show your support. Other military veterans, veteran family members and other overall awesome people to the front of the line please.



MODS are not eligible to receive real-value stream rewards or other special benefits unless they are subscribed to a VIP PLAN but will be rewarded based on their support, availability to MOD and personality.


4. SPAM.


- Don't spam-post, post text-walls, incessantly repeat postings or spam commands on Live Streams, post unnecessary forum posts {posts that provide no value to the thread in opinion or fact or cases of “trolling”} or abuse posting in ALL-CAPS or post spam of any kind or manner on any HV^Z Studios Properties. These actions are grounds for disciplinary action to be decided upon between HV^Z Studios, HaXxXo VtotheZ and the rest of the members of “The Collective”. Refer to each platform’s individual Rules for clarification.




- All chat is to be done in English. Any non-English posts will be ignored. They will not be copied and pasted into translation apps as it is too much work to do that with every message that comes in another language. While some "text-speak" will be accepted such as {LOL or BRB}, consistently posting “text-speak” may lead to your messages being ignored and consequently, erased, purged and repeated violations may be treated with a TIMEOUT or an outright BAN from future posting ability.




- Do not post spoilers to movies, video games or anything else of note.




- Do not post or submit any case of sexually explicit, violent, controversial or adult (18+) content under any circumstances. The MODS will heavily enforce this rule and will not allow the use of adult language or content of any kind. Pornographic material, shock-value violence or other content restricted from socially acceptable situations such as NSFW links or messages will also result in a PERMANENT BAN. Also, while you may submit pictures of you wearing the merch you bought from our website, you are not expected to, allowed to or required to submit lewd or illicit pictures for any reason to any HV^Z Studios email addresses, on social media or to HaXxXo VtotheZ directly. And no, HaXxXo VtotheZ will never ask you to send nudes or twerking videos. Send a tastefully offensive meme...



Regardless of which platform it’s posted in, any mentions of rape, threats of violence, real context discrimination or "Digital Misconduct {see below} will result in administrative action.




- We all slip up. That's why our MODS will warn you a few times to make you aware of your behavior. However, if after being warned you continue, you may be FINED or put in a TIMEOUT in the form of the !jail and !imprison commands respectively. If behavior continues then you may be banned {on Live Streams}. If you ignore warnings on any other platform then you may be subject to disciplinary action with the exception of a fine unless activities cross-over from another platform.




- DO NOT argue with MODS. They know the channel rules and are doing what is expected of them. If you find a MOD to have done something unfairly, send HaXxXo VtotheZ a PM on Discord, Twitch or any other platform you can. DO NOT argue with them in view of the public.




- Using or promoting hacks, mods or exploits, abuse of commands or any other means of disrupting Live Streams {trolling} or any other HV^Z Community Property or gathering of any kind is not allowed and will lead to a permanent BAN. Breaching privacy of community members {doxing}, or posting people's full names, addresses or other personally identifiable information at or even mentioning the word "swatting" will result in a lifelong and irrevocable PERMANENT BAN on ALL HV^Z Studios Community Properties.




- Do not communicate with trolls or abusive individuals. Please report them and let the MODS handle them. This is for your protection.




- Don't be rude, vulgar, sexist, racist or discriminate against others in any way including but not limited to their sexual orientation or religion. General "ball-busting" is OK; cursing is fine but once it crosses into the realm of bullying, harassment or a general abusive nature then you will not be warned...this set of rules serves as your warning. Your first infraction will lead to a PERMANENT BAN. Also, suicide is not a joke. Don't be the one to mention suicide in a positive or promoting manner.


For example...




- Use cursing {If you absolutely must} in a light and reactionary manner.




- Curse at, belittle, harass, abuse or use any aggressive, demeaning or destructive language in any way other than the approved and admittedly vague example above for the blanket term "cursing". Any other form including slurs are not allowed.



Any mentions of racial slurs, words that negatively depict a sexual orientation {you know what words we're talking about} or any other "abusive" words are grounds for a PERMANENT BAN.



There is no set amount of violations that warrant escalation of force. Punishments will be enforced based on severity, number of repeated violations...and our patience.







- If you repeatedly cause offense, disrupt the Live Streams or prevent others from enjoying the Live Streams or overall community experience of any HV^Z Studios Community Property while ignoring MOD warnings then you may be put in a TIMEOUT.



Warnings will be issued on a case-by-case basis and will not be a reflection of all users and situations.







- If after being warned you continue with negative behavior you may be fined based on the infraction on Live Streams. While you may not accrue large fines at one time, the next step is for a longer TIMEOUT than with a standard warning.



Fines are a feature only available on Live Streams and infractions on other platforms may lead directly to a BAN depending on severity of infraction.







- If after being warned and fined for an infraction you continue with negative behavior on a Live Stream then you may be put in a TIMEOUT by the use of !jail or !imprison which impose a one-hour and twenty-four-hour TIMEOUT respectively.




            - SPAM.


            - TEXT-SPEAK.


            - SPOILERS.


            - EXPLICIT CONTENT.




            - ARGUING WITH MODS.




- Many Live Stream mini-games feature pseudo-death where you would have to respawn which is simulated through the use of the TIMEOUT feature and may be appealed through whispers to HaXxXo VtotheZ or to MODS. However, if the TIMEOUT is given due to administrative action through a warning or by being placed in jail or imprisoned then there is no appeal process for the action. You're just going to have to sit in the corner and think about what you've done.



Timeouts are a feature only available on Live Streams and infractions on other platforms may lead directly to a BAN depending on severity of infraction.







- We all make mistakes. If you get to a BAN though, you must have REALLY messed up. Since we don't just throw BANS around for no good reason, if you get one, you definitely earned one and there is nothing that can save you from a BAN unless it was through a mini-game or a case of mistaken identity.




            - REPEATED TIMEOUT's.




            - BEING A P.o.S. TROLL {See A.12. above in "GENERAL RULES AND BEHAVIOR"}.



By engaging in HV^Z Studios Communities, you acknowledge that you are engaging at your own risk and are of age to be permitted to engage on forums where laws or restrictions apply in your area and hold HaXxXo VtotheZ, subsidiaries, partners, supporters or any other associated entity faultless from any claims including but not limited to claims of insensitivity or feelings of being "Triggered". If in the event you experience being "Triggered" at any time or are known to be sensitive to certain topics then please remember that HaXxXo VtotheZ, HV^Z Studios and any affiliations with HV^Z Studios are not responsible for the actions of others and that while we would try our best to protect you, you should join the "Kids Zone" on Twitch on Live Streams by default regardless of age, cognitive abilities or assumed maturity level. We always advise to inform the MODS or HaXxXo VtotheZ directly no matter where it happens but if the abuse continues then the decision falls upon you to continue despite your sensitivity level or avoid interacting with other users on any HV^Z Studios Community Properties. While we may not be the ones spreading the triggering content, we can't control the will and abilities of others...{not yet anyway}. We’re sorry in advance if you are affected by a hateful troll.



- Live Stream Link posting requires approval from HaXxXo VtotheZ or a moderator unless you are subscribed to a VIP Premium subscription. Just follow the rules for explicit content and you'll be fine.


- Repeated complaints from several members WILL lead to administrative action.


- If we find out that you are abusing, belittling, harassing or exploiting a child, a person with a disability for their disability or someone due to their race, gender or sexual orientation then it won't be pretty...and we don't accept apologies or bribes.

- If you are contacted by a suspicious user attempting to impersonate a HV^Z Studios brand then please collect as much data as you can about the communication in the form of screenshots with the following details.

  • contact source - where you received the communication {IE Email address, social media handle and platform}.

  • Detailed description of events.

  • any other information related to the contact.

Please submit these items HERE before continuing to communicate with the suspicious user. Each HV^Z Studios brand will have its social media accounts listed on their respective about page so please be sure that you are communicating with an authentic HV^Z Studios brand or representative. While you may be periodically contacted to provide you with promotional content, no HV^Z Studios brand or other Brand representatives will ever contact you for anything other than promotional content. if you are ever asked for your private or financial information from someone claiming to represent HV^Z Studios then please let us know so that we can kick them in the teeth for trying to besmirch our name. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure you keep your private and financial information safe from people who may try to impersonate others in an attempt to scam them. We hate the Indian IRS/Dell/Microsoft tech support scams as much as you do...


- Please review the benefits and perks you wish to receive before subscribing. While you could always upgrade and downgrade your VIP Premium subscription plan, changing levels resets progress made in previous levels and each VIP Premium subscription plan has different rewards across Twitch, Tradiio, Patreon, SubscribeStar and on the Official Website.


- Any questions on any of the above or anything else of importance can be sent HERE, on social media or any other contact method you prefer.

HaXxXo VtotheZ HypnoCat
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